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Web3 Publishing News, October 25, 2022


Web3 Publishing News #5: A Letter from the Staff About the WRRAP Issue & Some Big Changes Coming Soon to NiftyLit

A Note About This Section of Our Site

We’ve decided to keep publishing non-literary NFT content to this portion of our site, even though we have launched our newsletter (which you can sign up for here). We’ve found this to be a valuable place to share NiftyLit news, industry trends, and provide a platform for guests posts that don’t fall into our regularly published literary genres.

Coming Soon: Big Changes to NiftyLit Literary NFTs

In case you read Jo’s “How to Purchase a NiftyLit NFT Beginner’s Guide,” published earlier this month, you know how difficult the web3 onboarding and NFT purchasing processes are. With the help from partners like our dear friends over at Chainstarters, we’re very close to launching user friendly solutions to buy our NFTs and support our writers & our magazine with nothing more than an email address and a credit card. For our crypto-native readers and collectors, all the usual options will still be available, bur for users unfamiliar with crypto/ web3/ NFTs, this will be a game changer. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on! With the launch of these solutions in the coming weeks, we will gradually begin transitioning away from our OpenSea marketplace. Thank you for your patience while we make this transition in real-time. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

A Letter from the Staff About the WRRAP Issue: Our Bodies. Our Rights.

 Our Bodies. Our Rights. is a special reproductive rights issue of NiftyLit. Proceeds from the sale of these NFTs go to the Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (@WRRAP). A version of the following letter was released in our newsletter and is also included in the associated literary NFT, which you can buy here. Because this issue is so important to us, our contributors, and our readers, we want our entire audience to have access to this letter. Enjoy!


To Our Wonderful NiftyLit Community,

Months ago, as our team processed the news of Roe v Wade, and struggled to wrap our collective heads around the seemingly insurmountable shifts in our political landscape, we knew we wanted to create something. A way of utilizing our passion for the written word as a means of providing a safe and supportive platform to share stories pertaining to rights, reproduction, gender, and equality.

What was created from that desire, was a call to action: for writers and artists to submit work that spoke to the needs, rights, and experiences of our diverse community. And that call was answered, in the form of beautiful, challenging, and important stories and voices. We are so grateful to the writers and artists who have shared their work with us in order to create Our Bodies. Our Rights., a special issue of NiftyLit published in place of our regular monthly issues.

We also knew that we wanted there to be a way for this collection of literary work to give back to communities in need and, in our research for such an organization, we were fortune enough to find WRRAP (Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project), a non-partisan, nonprofit organization assisting women who are financially unable to pay for safe, legal abortions or emergency contraceptives. As part of our partnership with WRRAP, a significant portion of proceeds from the sales of this issue’s NFTs will directly benefit WRRAP and its communities. This intersection of literature, art, and social impact is at the heart of what we, as the NiftyLit team, hope to continue to champion with your support. If you are interested in purchasing any of these publications as NFTs, either as standalone pieces or as a collection, but you’re not sure how, please let us know and we are more than willing to help you learn.

Thank you to our writers and artists whose stories and illustrations capture the myriad facets of these important topics, and whose honesty and compassion serve as the greatest inspiration for us all.

With much love,
Katie, Alex, & Jo


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