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Copyright Notice

The written and visual contents (“Work”) of NiftyLit, LLC are protected by copyright. NiftyLit’s Terms of Agreement, as per our Master Publishing Agreement with Author(s), state the following:

Term. The term of Agreement shall commence on the “Effective Date” and automatically renew every year unless terminated by one of the Parties or its successor (the “Term”). The Term shall be divided into an initial term of two (2) years where NiftyLit shall have exclusive publishing rights to the Work (the “Initial Term”) and a subsequent time period where NiftyLit shall have non-exclusive publishing rights to the Work (the “Subsequent Term”).

During the Subsequent Term: NiftyLit shall have a non-exclusive right to Publish the Work. The Author may include the Work in other forms of publication or media so long as the Author includes an acknowledgement that NiftyLit originally published the Work. Excepting translations, third parties (persons other than the original Author) may not reproduce Work first published in NiftyLit without first obtaining written permission from the Author. Under all circumstances during the subsequent term, the Author retains rights to reprint, publish, license and/or sell their Work.

NiftyLit asks that all reprints (during the subsequent term as outlined above) include attribution.

Please include the following text on the same page as your reprint:

“Reprinted with the permission of NiftyLit, LLC and the author.”