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Original artwork by Katie M. Zeigler

Needle and Heart

H.S. Abraham

I reach into the drawer 

Gripping the well-sharpened knife 

By its hilt as I carve my heart out 

Placing it on the table, 

I thread the needle 

Piercing my heart as I stitch 

It to my sleeve 

Pricking at my soul 

No different than taking 

Chances with the wrong person 

Repairing the damage 

Red nylon blending in 

Creating a stronger heart 

In appearance, soft in nature 

Striding through the streets 

I wear my heart as a badge of honor 

For no one knows the battles


Fought, coming through to life 

Compassionate heart with 

Unconditional love worth 

Scaring away the weak 

Only the strong 

Are capable of handling 

The deep love I