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Original artwork by Aaron Bo Heimlich

My Body

Bibiana Krall
Our Bodies, Our Rights: Special Issue • Poetry

Written as a gift to myself on Mother’s Day 2019…


My mother ain’t no feminist,

But she taught me one thing.

This body is my universe, 

but it has never been free.

Sex ain’t no platform for causes, 

when it’s still used as currency.

Sick and tired of hearin,’ 

It’s all about Eve, and that antiquated tree.

You say withhold, 

they’ll finally respect my daughter, 

and the women after me.

When the reckoning comes, 

I wonder…

will I be alive to see?

Less money

less power,

three-times the work

It’s astounding that we haven’t left y’all in the lurch.

Stand down your faulty philosophy, 

religious zeal and political tripe. 

Keep those hands to yourself asshole…

because she won’t go down without a fight.