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Original artwork by Ellery Harkness

Demeter Weeding

Karine Leno Ancellin

It’s not enough saying who I am

Not enough for a poem

Once you know I survived childhood

You might be more interested.


Like a piece of trash strewn on the pavement

its crumpled brand reminds you of its chocolaty taste.

As Proust with the madeleine, your attention is caught,

and with it, my humanity appears.


Demeter was clearing the weed when Persephone

erred beyond the horizon. She trespassed boundaries

and Demeter rescued half of her. For the rest she conceded.

I cannot erase myself; Am I the difficulty, really?


Like Persephone I engendered my invisibility

my excuse-me smile shield,

vulnerable defense,

pregnant with naked ingenuity,


I grew manifold facets,

tormented on the question of normality,

unfit, uninvited,

but at last,

bursting with these words today.