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Original artwork by Caspian Samuel

To My Caretaker

Kyle Singh

Am I gone now?

I asked you to tell me and say it was so

Did I remember who I was?

I had somehow remembered where I’d been 

And what was to be made of the Coyote on the peak of the mountain?

The one that longed for remoteness 

In the face of the hunt which was to come


Did the lilies tell me how to stay afloat?

They swim against the current of my body

And fill my lungs with water

Where was I to go?

Moving through the sand 

Shaken by the idleness of crabgrass


Before I thought of you as my own, did I meet you?

Was it you I saw on the lake again, wandering? 


Somewhere I have gathered a pile of land from where I’ve lived 

And stored it for you to find