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Just In: The Ultimate Web3 Pocket Guide

Jessie Mongeon
Long Form

NiftyLit is pleased to announce the publication of its first book, The Ultimate Web3 Pocket Guide: First NFT Edition by Jessie Mongeon. Originally published in the late summer of 2022, Mongeon’s book covers everything from blockchain basics to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), to the most popular Web3 related podcasts. NiftyLit’s publication represents the “First NFT Edition,” adding a touch of collectibility to a book that could not be better suited for on-blockchain publishing. While the book falls outside of NiftyLit’s regular literary publications and genres, not only is Jessie Mongeon a high-impact player in Web3 and a literary writer at heart (and published poet!), NiftyLit also firmly believes in community education and making Web3 technology understandable and accessible to the masses. We are absolutely thrilled at this opportunity. 

The Ultimate Web3 Pocket Guide: First NFT Edition has now been officially published, and readers can mint their NFT books on our marketplace. The NFT book comes in Epub format, compatible with most e-readers. This is also a chance to own a copy of the first book published by NiftyLit. Click here to order your copy today! 

Jessie Mongeon is a writer based in Charlotte, NC. She is a senior technical writer at Filebase, a leading decentralized storage IPFS pinning company, and author of The Ultimate Web3 Pocket Guide. Mongeon has been a writer her entire life and has taken every opportunity to put thoughts and stories into written works of art. At age 10, one of her teachers had a poem she wrote for a class assignment submitted for publication, which was consequently published in 2007 in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans. 

Mongeon began her career in tech when she was a sophomore in high school, as she attended a vocational trade school in place of a traditional high school. At her vocational school, Mongeon was the only female in her class for the duration of her enrollment. She used this as an opportunity to advocate for women in STEM by giving presentations at surrounding schools and by participating in a local radio broadcast for Women’s History Month. During her senior year, she participated in SkillsUSA, a national competition for STEM students, and was not only the only female to compete in the Information Technology category, but also won a gold medal in the category. 

Mongeon went on to receive her Master’s in Information Technology Management, and has held a variety of positions in the tech field, including cybersecurity analyst, incident response analyst, and even system administrator for a company contracted by MIT and Harvard. Today, Mongeon spends her time using her strong background in tech to develop and write developer technical documentation, blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, and more for Filebase. She dedicates much of her free time to contributing to the educational resources available in Web3, which inspired the creation of The Ultimate Web3 Pocket Guide. By writing her book, Mongeon set out to create an all-encompassing guide that provides an essential knowledge base for readers to educate themselves on the components of Web3, along with the important projects and companies in the ecosystem. 

NiftyLit, LLC., headquartered in Walnut Creek, California is an online literary magazine publishing literary works in online print and as cryptographic tokens (commonly known as “NFTs”).

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