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Original artwork by Katie M. Zeigler


Leslie Grollman

In Spring, you finally get that swimming pool. A built-in. Molded fiberglass:

fourteen by twenty-four. Thirty-six inches at the shallow end; four and a half feet at

the deep. Ebony blue gelcoat. Professionally installed. It networks perfectly with

your shrubbery which is tall enough to allow for laying bare. Summertime, and the

local news helicopter flies over. They decide not to show the footage, outside of the

newsroom. On weekends, your home verves with friends in and out of bathing suits

or gossip. Barbecues, teas and your famous lemon sponge. There is laughter and

splashing. In Autumn: grilled filet tips and warm mulled cider. Only the most daring

skinny dip. Your pool is drained for Winter. You search, again, for that button from

your favorite blouse. Rearrange the silverware. Bake another batch of brownies. Eat

these leaning over the sink.

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