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Original artwork by Aaron Bo Heimlich

Jasperglen Antiques Ltd

Jasper Glen

I can shop for antiques online

In Surrey, England. Live, a Victorian

Racehorse lifestyle; or browsing find

A brooch set with rose cut diamonds 

With enamel jockey and safety chain. 

A quick view first, as with a micro view. 

2450 British pounds? Oh yes, 

Add to Cart. Quantity: 1. Only, 

There better be. Keep searching. 

1950s aquamarine diamond ring.

View more details? Absolutely. 

3,750 pounds. Steal – set in 18 carat

Gold; an original bakelite box. 

Approx. 18 carat pink gold mount

And diamonds on the shoulder.

 I’m giving this one to my dream 

Girlfriend: everything I do is #love.

Visa, Mastercard, Paypal? The transaction

Is final sale and has gone through. 

Extra charge? I don’t care. My budget 

Is infinite. Will the brooch and ring

Arrive in the mail? Yes, virtually. 

Would you like them in pdf, docx?

I would like an NFT, please. 

I want that seal of approval 

Around my ring finger.