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Crafted by the NiftyLit team: our pledge to transform literary publishing.

The NiftyLit Pledge

NiftyLit is committed to artists and their work

Standing at the confluence of art and technology, NiftyLit exists to transform the literary ecosystem by providing access to meaningful compensation for writers and artists, with emphasis on emerging writers from underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized communities.

NiftyLit will publish exceptional, thought-provoking work that not only investigates humanity, but seeks to advance a peaceful, nonviolent world, free of harmful or prejudicial barriers. NiftyLit recognizes the labor writers and artists put forth in creating such valuable work.

Influenced by–and seeking to renew–existing literary communities’ commitments to critical interrogation and reform, we will challenge convention in everything we do.

NiftyLit stands committed to amplifying writer’s voices and championing writing as a form of human expression, while exploring new, technology-enabled mechanisms for publishing and community engagement.

NiftyLit signifies a radical, critical, and positive shift away from
traditional publishing models

NiftyLit will be the leader in on-chain publishing, driving research, development, and experimentation in the use of blockchain technology for publishing written forms, while always putting writers and community before profits.

NiftyLit believes that the emergence of Web3 technology signals a shift from an influencer economy to a creator economy, one which enables writers and artists to be compensated for their work in more than “by-lines” and social media followers.

In addition to providing a means by which creators can be compensated for their art, Web3 technology also enables the assignment of real-world value to literary works. As such, NiftyLit is committed to creating a marketplace and associated community in which literary and artistic values are reflected by tangible, cryptocurrency driven values.

NiftyLit represents a social contract

Community engagement is at the heart of transforming the literary ecosystem. As such, we recognize this is a collaborative effort between NiftyLit as an organization, creators and contributors, and our audience. We see this as a social contract as much as a pledge, and are therefore deeply grateful to all those who are committed to joining us in this substantial endeavor.

Our belief that writers, established and emerging, can connect audiences with a deeper understanding of humanity is matched by our recognition that writers and artists should be compensated appropriately for what they bring to society.

At NiftyLit, we promise to use technology alongside our organizational time, energy, and skill sets in ways that place writers, artists, community, and kindness first.

NiftyLit is fully committed to developing and maintaining a significant charitable arm contributing to causes including, but not limited to, literacy, social justice, and climate action.

With Love and Gratitude,