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Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank you for your submission to NiftyLit! We cannot wait to read your work.

NiftyLit is not just a literary magazine and publishing company. It’s a growing community of writers, readers, artists, and fans. We also have a very unique, and very new publishing model. We created this page to help our submitters learn more about next steps.

Next Steps in Joining Our Community

Discord. We have a growing community on our Discord and we’d love for you to join us! All are welcome. If you want to know more about Discord, we put together a short synopsis here.

Check out our literary NFTs. We highly encourage our community and submitters to give NFTs a try. The first step is to get a crypto wallet such as MetaMask. If you need help with this process, we have lots of resources, including videos, below on this page, and on our Discord. And if you want to see what a literary NFT “looks like,” we will send anyone who submits their writing to us a complimentary NiftyLit Literary NFT from our growing collection on OpenSea. To receive your complimentary NFT, send your public wallet address to Jo, our CEO, at

In the future, we plan on offering live author interviews, readings, and other community engagement events, both virtually and in real life (IRL).

We can’t wait to meet you!


Learn More About NiftyLit and Our NFTs

You can read more about NiftyLit, our business, and our team on our about page.

You can learn more about literary NFTs on our NFTs page and on our Discord.

We recently made a few videos that you may find helpful: some general NFT “know how” with Katie, our EIC, and Jo, our CEO, and also what a literary NFT from NiftyLit looks like.  We’re writers… not video editors or producers (it would be awesome if we were!)… so please excuse the extreme casualness of these videos :).

What to Expect if Your Writing is Selected for Publication

If your piece is selected for publication, you’ll get a message from us with next steps, but most of all with a big CONGRATS and a note about how much we love your work.

Because we are a small team with a unique business model, we ask (but by no means require) our published authors to help spread the word about NiftyLit, and about their own publications. We’ve been putting together a NiftyLit author “toolkit” with some tips and resources for amplifying the signal about you and your wonderful writing. NiftyLit published authors stand to receive approximately $5-7 for every NFT of their work that is purchased, and we generally publish 250 NFTs of each work, so it’s definitely in the author’s best interest for the NFTs of their work to sell. More about NFT sales etc. and how this benefits writers can be found on our NFTs page

In a nutshell, if you’re accepted for publication:

• You’ll receive a master publishing agreement via DocuSign for your review and signature (typically Jo, our CEO, gets these out within two weeks of your acceptance notification)

• Once your publishing agreement is signed, you’ll move to “Published” status on our Discord

• NiftyLit will send your flat-fee payment in USD, generally via regular old check (we pay contributing authors a flat fee + royalties on any NFT sales of their work)

• You’ll work on edits with Katie, our EIC (generally, if you’ve been accepted for publication, the edits are fairly light)

• We’ll assign an illustrator for your work, who will create a custom illustration

• We assign your work to an issue and set a target publication date

• We format your work for online publication and begin the process of typesetting your work, for eventual minting as an NFT

• Once your work is published, it is simultaneously minted and listed for sale as a NiftyLit Literary NFT (we currently mint and sell our NFTs on OpenSea)

    • Sometime before your publication date, we will send you the aforementioned NiftyLit author “toolkit”



Best Ways to Reach Us

Discord is a great way to get in touch with us. If you have a question or concern, chances are another writer does too! So please don’t be shy about posting on our Discord.

We are also on Twitter and Instagram regularly.

Lastly, there’s good ol’ fashioned electronic email. If you’re looking to reach one of our core staff, our about page has our email addresses. We have a general inbox set up at as well.


Check Out Our Partner Web3 Publishing Organizations

We are working with many companies across the web3 landscape, and specifically the web3 publishing landscape. If you’re interested in publishing your writing on-blockchain, we highly encourage you to checkout  Soltype. Soltype’s publishing model is substantially different than NiftyLit’s, but we share a mutual interest in pioneering web3 publishing and creating a publishing ecosystem in which “writers are rewarded for sharing their ideas and stories with the world,” to quote a line from Soltype’s about page. On Soltype, writers can publish and earn from their work, while also ensuring their writing remains accessible to all.

Soltype also publishes content on the Solana blockchain, arguably the most environmentally friendly (and very user-friendly) blockchain, another reason we love them!

If you need help setting up a Solana compatible wallet or want to learn more about our growing partnership with Soltype, please don’t hesitate to reach out.