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Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank you for your submission to NiftyLit! We cannot wait to read your work.

NiftyLit is not just a literary magazine and publishing company. It’s a growing community of writers, readers, artists, and fans. We created this page to help our submitters learn more about next steps.

Learn More About NiftyLit

Newsletter. Want NiftyLit delivered direct to your inbox? You can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here. We typically send out two newsletters a month.

Discord. We have a growing community on our Discord and we’d love for you to join us! All are welcome. Want to know more about Discord? Here’s the Wikipedia page.

Follow us on social. We make most of our announcements about recent publications, contributing writers and artists, and community activities (e.g., author readings) via Twitter and Instagram.

You can also read more about NiftyLit, our business, and our team on our about page.

What to Expect if Your Writing is Selected for Publication

If your piece is selected for publication, you’ll get a message from us with next steps, but most of all with a big CONGRATS and a note about how much we love your work.

In a nutshell, if you’re accepted for publication:

• You’ll receive a publishing agreement for your review and signature (typically our team gets these out within two weeks of acceptance)

• You’ll work on edits with our editors (generally, if you’ve been accepted for publication, the edits are fairly light)

• Depending on availability, we will assign an illustrator for your work, who will create a custom illustration

• We assign your work to an issue and set a target publication date

• We format your work for online publication

Best Ways to Reach Us

Discord is a great way to get in touch with us. If you have a question or concern, chances are another writer does too! So please don’t be shy about posting on our Discord.

Lastly, there’s good ol’ fashioned electronic email. If you’re looking to reach one of our core staff, our about page has our email addresses. We have a general inbox set up at as well.